Since I was 3 years old, I knew that life was Magic.

Vanessa Sanddal | Tarot & Spirit Animal Readings | Pet Psychic & Animal Communicator | Missoula, MT


AND SINCE I WAS 3 YEARS OLD, I’VE KNOWN that life was magic.

Vanessa Sanddal | Tarot & Spirit Animal Readings | Pet Psychic & Animal Communicator | Missoula, MT

As an adopted daughter of a wonderful couple from Montana, I never really quite fit in, and spent most of my life fantasizing that my birth mother was a Mystic, a Good Witch or a Fairy Queen.

YOu can't take the magic out of the girl.

Neither my parents nor my teachers could keep a lid on what they perceived as an overactive imagination. Honestly, it was seen as a bad thing and I spent most of my grade school years in a time-out chair shoved in the corner for daydreaming.

I was bursting at the seams with this knowledge, spending my days talking with my animals (and my dolls), locking my bedroom door for hours so I could practice my spells out of a 50 cent mini-book I found at the local grocery store.


Because that’s the thing about Real Magic. It can never be squelched, shoved down, or put out. 


There was no Harry Potter when I was a kid and only one TV station that played the Wizard of Oz once a year. But I paid attention. I was the only one in my small town who still believed in Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster (still do).

I spent decades fighting against who I really was, getting my college degree and working at a job that drained my creativity until my magic came pouring out as overachieving perfectionism (while still making people laugh with liberal splashes of self-deprecation). My life looked great on paper, but I felt crummy and completely non-magical on the inside. Until I found the dolls.

One day while wandering through the toy aisle (because that’s what makes me so happy), I saw them. From Toralei Stripe’s bright red hair to Luna Mothews’ glowing yellow skin. I was hooked. I was saved. And my world changed from grey to bright, bold colors. So Welcome back to Monster High, friend! Im glad you're here. I hope to see you at the Doll House.

Vanessa Sanddal | Tarot & Spirit Animal Readings | Pet Psychic & Animal Communicator | Missoula, MT

MY MISSION—SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT—IS TO HELP YOU rediscover your inner Monster High doll.

And then create an exceptional life to match (As if by Magic).

OTHER IMPORTANT TIDBITS before we get started:

★ Beloved Fairy Dog Mother to Betty (and Buddy, my animal spirit guide who watches over this website).

★ I used to be a Police Officer. Worst part: Graveyard shifts. Best part: I got to dress in black like Jon Snow and help people.

★ I believe in wearing stripes 365 days a year, not just on Halloween (wigs and costumes too).

★ Once I created 100 Monster High costumes every day for 100 days without a sewing machine. I’ll show you how.

★ I believe in ghosts (especially animal spirits). From dogs & cats to wolves & bats. We live on.

★ Toralei Stripe (Ghoul Sports) was my first Monster High doll (her bright orange hair got me). And I do love my stripes!



QUESTION: If you could embody any Monster High doll, who would it be and why?