Do it Yourself diary

Be yourself on the outside & your inside will follow

Dear Diary: We have both hero and villain inside each of us. We can combine the great outfits of the villains with the heart and soul of the heroines. All the emotions inside of us can be expressed through our clothes, our hair, and our makeup.

Whether it’s for the aesthetic or it’s part of our emotional catharsis, I say be yourself on the outside and your inside will follow. Movies and music can inspire us. It helps to acknowledge our shadow (and give it a hug) because life is beautiful and so are we. Let’s live it in color!

How to receive messages from your pet on the other side | Vanessa Sanddal | Tarot & Spirit Animal Readings | Pet Psychic & Animal Communicator | Missoula, MT

Do it Yourself diary


Dear Diary: It was almost a year after my dog Coco passed before she appeared in my hallway. She was a special dog with neurological problems from past abuse. She staggered when she walked and looked like a baby hippo. She was always happy and never left my side.

Many of us experience the presence of our pets after they’ve left this earth, usually while we’re asleep. The general belief being that the spirit of our animals can’t get past our version of reality unless we are asleep, meditating, or free from the limitations of human logic.

My cat Otis always visits at night and only every few months. I can hear him purr and feel the weight of his body on my bed. Many of you reading this have experienced the same. Have you ever seen a flash of light out of the corner of your eye as if something just moved across the room (and you thought for a moment, what if…)? 

Trust it. We are our own best “pet psychic, animal channeler and pet detective.” No one knows your loved one’s heart better than you so trust that they know where to find you.

But how do we receive messages from our animals on the other side?  Just ask. Ask them for a sign and watch for it (and be open to it). Listen for their name in a movie or say hello to that bird that keeps trying to get your attention during your morning dog walk - ask them for a dream before you go to sleep.

My dog Coco appeared in the hallway only two feet from my bed.  I wasn’t dreaming and my eyes were wide open. I had just gotten out of bed to get a glass of water. For a split second I felt fear, which quickly turned into awe and then love mixed with peace I’ve never known before. As I walked over to touch her, she slowly disappeared.

Just as my cat Otis always does when I reach out to pet him. As humans we shift between disbelief and our need for proof. Even fear can close that doorway. But the good news is, we can get better at it (and closer to them) each time we try. And the pain of missing them begins to become a joy in their memory.

The first step is to ask them for a sign and then trust they’ll know what you need. They always come in a gentle way that only you will understand. It’s a gift of love so just say “thank you.”

From my love for animals to my belief in magic, here I am half a century later and nothing has waned even when the outside world has tried to turn my light off (or at least tone me down a little). This story is a true example of what can happen if you’re open to it (and still believe).

This D.I.Y. Diary is dedicated to magical, creative people like you. Each page is meant to inspire you to create a magical life for yourself (and a few outfits to match)!

How to receive messages from your pet on the other side | Vanessa Sanddal | Tarot & Spirit Animal Readings | Pet Psychic & Animal Communicator | Missoula, MT