COPYWRITING GENIUS by Jess Manuszak at  Jess is a Magical wordsmith. Even though I keep adding and updating my own copy nowadays, the “good stuff” that remains are one-of-a-kind gems by Jess.

WEBSITE WIZARDRY by Lindsey Anderson at  Lindsey built this incredible website and still helps me with tweaks to this day. She works her Magic faster than you can say “abracadabra”. She can even build your “website in a day”.

LOGO MAGIC by Chelsea Kardokus at 23& Chelsea was the first person I went to when I was building a “doll site” and she was amazing and to this day, I’ve used the same “Vanessa Sanddal (wand)” logo and very cool favicon. She exudes goodness in everything she does.

I’m blessed and SO fortunate to have 3 very cool, patient (and kind) out-of-this-world talented women help me on this journey!