all creatures are created equal when it comes to love



After your pet (your best friend) leaves this earth, almost everyone expects you to return to “normal” after a few days. But was there ever a true normal before their unique spirit entered your life? 

Whether dog or cat, horse or bird, even the word “pet” and “animal’ doesn’t quite fit. They were more than that to you. Grief is grief, whether animal or human. We are all connected.

They were your soul mate (maybe even the only soul you really trusted). They offered you a safe place to show every single facet of who you really are - a safe place to say it out loud.

Talking about your pain (and joy) with someone who knows is the first step in the healing process.  I'm not a licensed therapist. I'm a healer and your personal animal spirit guide.


These Magical creatures are just waiting to help. It’s time to let them.  They have more power on the other side to guide us and to heal us. Trust me, I know.

This is the kind of pain that brings you to your knees, where you’ll do anything for just one more day. You'll hire every pet psychic, every animal channeler, and buy every book about pets and the afterlife. And that’s okay. Because we need to do what we need to do to get through it.

But what I know for sure is that no one else knows your pet’s heart and soul on this earth (and beyond) better than YOU do.  And they know yours. 

Be your own pet psychic. From your open heart to my open ears. I’ll show you how. Let's talk about it. 

 Vanessa Tarot | Tarot & Spirit Animal Readings | Spiritual Empath & Counselor | Helena, Montana

You just want answers.


This is a safe space where you can talk about it. We’ll find the answers together.


THIS POWERFUL CONVERSATION is 100% for you if...


★ You just lost a beloved pet and need someone beyond family and friends who will listen (and hear).

★ You want to talk things out (out loud) and move forward feeling centered, optimistic, and on your game.

★ You just had a Spirit Animal reading and want to dive a little deeper into what you just discovered. 


Quick note about our time together:

We're going to talk about your grief, but also the joy. Our focus will be on bringing you closer to your inner psychic. No one knows your spirit animals better than you do.  We'll talk about what's really going on with your grief and consult the Spirit Animal cards to get the messages you need to know to move forward. Healing begins when you understand they are not truly gone.


Letting go of the PAIN doesn't

mean letting go of the LOVE


60 minute session

A one hour heart to heart, with some loving guidance from your Spirit Animals through the cards.

Find the truth that's been lost + new inspiration found.

Complete confidentiality, because the work stops with me, and begins with YOU.


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Vanessa Tarot |  | Tarot & Spirit Animal Readings | Spiritual Empath & Counselor | Missoula, Montana

Don’t go it alone.

We'll figure it out together. And find YOUR happy again.

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