Magical Readings for your 
inner Monster

Weekly SCARE-O card readings


A monstrous dose of magic to get you from monday to sunday

THe RECIPE: Mix scare-o cards with monst-oracle cards & add a dash of monstrology.

Vanessa Sanddal | Tarot & Spirit Animal Readings | Pet Psychic & Animal Communicator | Missoula, MT


Reading for May 20 - May 26, 2019 


How to make your own cards:

★ You can buy a deck of “Blank Cards” (usually 80 in a pack) on Amazon or Ebay. I used colored Sharpie pens and they didn’t even smear! I created the messages from the personalities of each doll (what would they “really” tell us if they could talk).

★ You can use your “Monster High Uno” cards as a Tarot deck, with 4 different colors for the 4 suits, plus enough extra cards for the 22 major arcana cards. (This is an upcoming DIY project I’ll be sharing with you on the Doll Witch Diary).

★ You can buy any deck of cards at the dollar store (my personal favorite - the simplest way) and buy a (very) small paint roller and a little white paint and paint over the top of each card and then use colored paints or markers to create something new!



Make peace with your inner monster. 

Don’t listen to anyone else’s version of who you should be.

All you should be is yourself.