Tarot Readings for the 
Sensitive Soul

Pretend your most trusted counselor gave you a tarot card reading.


Now imagine this trusted counselor also happens to be a powerful
 intuitive, warmly guiding you to the real truth of what’s going
on within you. The REAL you.

 Vanessa Tarot | Tarot & Spirit Animal Readings | Spiritual Empath & Counselor | Helena, Montana

That’s where I come in. 


With my healing heart, soulful magic, and Native-American-born intuition, we’ll use the Tarot to get to the bottom of what’s bothering you. 

The result?

Feeling happier and more peaceful than before your reading.
(After all, now you have guidance and endless positivity in your corner.) 



It’s time for the truth to set you free so you can set your sights on the bright horizon. 



60 minute power hour where we look at several areas of your life. These readings are like a therapy session with the cards. Get ready to dig deep into your truth and get some answers.

Complete confidentiality. The work stops with me and begins with you.


SCHEDULE YOUR READING | Vanessa Tarot | Tarot & Spirit Animal Readings | Spiritual Empath & Counselor | Missoula, Montana

EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE BY SKYPE & TELEPHONE ONLY. Submit your ideal date and time (click here) or email vanessa@vanessasanddal.com (requests answered within 24 hours).


And the sessions look a little somethin' like:

★ Readings are conducted in-person (downtown Missoula office) or by telephone and Skype. Your choice when booking.

★ Once you book your reading, you'll receive a confirmation email with instructions about what happens next. Feel free to contact me anytime at vanessa@vanessasanddal.com.

★ Our work together is ALWAYS confidential. It stops with me (and begins with you).




Let’s introduce you to the Real You. 

(You already know. I just nudge it out a little bit more.)