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what I know for sure

I know for sure animal spirits exist and I’ve built my work around helping you connect with your pets (here and beyond). Sometimes we need to clear the fog before we can truly be open to the Magic. I can also help you move through your grief. Trust me, I’ve done the (two) legged work. We’ll pay anything to find the ultimate pet psychic who can tell us even one thing that can confirm our best friend is safe on the other side. But you know your pet’s heart (and your heart) better than anyone else. You can be your own pet psychic. You can connect with your pet (and your spirit animals) better than anyone else. And you’ve had the power within you all along. A love that transcends earth and beyond. I wrote an article for the November issue of the “Natural Life News & Directory” about how to receive messages from your pets. All we have to do is Ask. If you need help in asking or you need to find some peace first, I’m here.

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